Welcome to the Tol Project

the Tol graphical user interface, Tolbase

What is TOL?

TOL is the Time Oriented Language.

It is a programming language dedicated to the world of statistics and focused on time series analysis and stochastic processes.

It is a declarative language based on two key features: simple syntactical rules and powerful set of extensible data types and functions.

TOL is callable by a small text console, but there is also a graphical interface to easily handle all language's tools and functions, providing powerful graphical capacities.

TOL is distributed under the GNU GPL license. A copy of this license is included within the TOL source code and can be accessed following this link.

Starting Points

  • DownloadTol -- Available versions of TOL
  • TolDoc -- Documentation about TOL.
  • MMS -- Set of TOL packages developed for model design and estimation.
  • NewDoc -- New TOL & MMS documentation.
  • R-Projects -- Packages for using TOL at R.
  • TOLGrid -- Documentation and downloads for TOLGrid.
  • TolPackage -- TOL packages are libraries, tools and examples writen in TOL but published in a binary format.
  • OTAN -- Official Tol Archive Network is the official repository of TOL packages
  • TolPeople -- To know about people behind TOL.
  • TolDevelopment -- Instructions, tricks and rules about TOL development.
  • TolAcknowledgements -- External contributions
  • TitleIndex -- A complete list of local wiki pages
  • TracGuide -- Built-in Documentation
  • The Trac project -- Trac Open Source Project
  • Trac FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions
  • TracSupport -- Trac Support