TOL People

Backstage company

Bayes Forecast, S.A.

TOL Development Team

  • Víctor de Buen Remiro, Mathematician. TOL language creator.
  • Jorge S. Pérez Ronda, Mathematician and Informatic engineer.
  • Pedro Gea, Physicist and Data Scientist.

TOL Components assignement

Component Description
Kernel Everything related to the core language itself, parser, evaluator
TimeAlgebra Groups the types of time-related data Date, TimeSet?, Series, Polyn, Ratio
SetAlgebra Algebra of sets, classifying, sorting, searching, etc.
Text Features word processing, conversion, meta-language, ...
OOP Object-oriented programming, NameBlock, Class, etc.
Math Groups numerical data types Real, Complex, Matrix, VMatrix, Polyn, Ratio, and generally all matters relating to mathematics, linear algebra, numerical, statistical models, etc
System Management of the operating system files, OIS, etc.
Database Database management, SQL, etc.
Interface Interfaces as TolBase VBTol, tolsh, and other extensions that may arise
Web Reference to the website of tol-project
Various Anything that can not be put in the above components

Historical Contributions

  • Liván Ramírez, Mathematician and Informatic engineer.
  • Luis Manuel Artiles Martínez, Mathematician.
  • Miguel Ángel Fernández, Mathematician.
  • Ángel Alonso Pérez, Telecommunication engineer.
  • Daniel Rus Morales, Informatic technical engineer, Master in Telecommunications.
  • César Pérez, Mathematician.
  • Javier Portugal, Informatic engineer.
  • Jaime Garcia Calvo, Informatic engineer.
  • Antonio Zamorano, Informatic engineer.
  • Óscar Fernandez, Informatic engineer.
  • Hugo Amorós, Informatic engineer.
  • Roberto Cuesta Soto, Informatic technical engineer.
  • Manuel Balderrábano, Informatic engineer.
  • Antonio Salmerón, TOL language creator.
  • Víctor de Buen Remiro, TOL language creator.
  • José Almagro Pedreño, Idea initiator and promoter of TOL language.