About Us

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We are one of the advanced organizations for producing timber windows with CAD, thus leading the art of automation. This did increase the production as well as our preparing and installation processes. We believe with modern equipment and technology, and we can bring a massive change to ourselves and those who are connected to us.

We vastly study the modifications of wood to manufacture a detailed and long-lasting solution. All our designs are excellent in performance and longevity. We assess the service performance of our production and try to think of ways to reduce bi-products.

We know how vital wood and trees are for our environment. And we can always assume how much a person can want a gorgeous looking interior with proper ventilation. Thus, we always try our best to incorporate such ideas in our projects.

With CAD, we try to ensure that every bit of our calculation is on point and installed in the easiest way possible.

With all the technologies we involve in manufacturing our products, we also try our best to give you the solution for every one of your problems. The criteria might be a tiny one. Still, our expert designers and engineers will always be at your service.

We believe in long term friendship between our clients and us. For that, perfecting our way is one of the most important aspects for us.

We test air permeability, water and corrosion resistance, resistance from sunlight, environment etc. With such a broad range of data and inspections, we try to deliver the best possible solution to our customers. Even our installation process is very much non-time consuming and non-messy.

Thus, responsible professionals do all the manufacturing and designing processes with the utmost creativity and economic resources.