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TOL provides a GUI (Graphical User Interface) called TOLBase useful to develop TOL programs. It can also manage full projects written in TOL and be customized with specific buttons, menu options, etc.

TOL provides also a command line interpreter and libraries for the communication with VBA or R.

See the main applications and utilities listed below:

TOL Console

The TOL Console (tolcon.exe or previously tol.exe) is the simpliest interpreter of the Time Oriented Language.

Each TOL sentence is evaluated ('compiled' in TOL user's way of speaking) and its result is concisely printed.

Screenshot: tolcon.exe in a Windows 7

TOL Shell

The TOL Shell (or TOLSH) is another TOL console interpreter enriched with a embedded connection with tcl language.

Tcl sentences can be evaluated via the function Tcl_Eval.

Screenshot: tolsh in a Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTS


TOLBase is the TOL GUI (Graphical User Interface) of the TOL language.

It is based on Tcl/Tk and hence it can be easily enhaced.

Screenshot: tolbase in a Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Other screenshots:


TOL software (for Windows) provides a library (vbtol.dll) to allow communication from Microsoft VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

This feature allow VBA programmers use TOL functionality to extend Excel possibilities.

Screenshot: Excel Add-In with TOL communication

TOL and R

TOL software (from version 3.3 onwards) provides a library (tolRlink.dll or to allow communication from the statistical software R.

Additionally, some R packages are developed to use the TOL language from R in a natural way. See the R projects.

Reversely, a TOL package (TolRInside) allows the communication with R from TOL. For more details, see TOL+R.

Screenshot: TOL used from R-Studio

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