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R Projects

A set of R-packages are developed to use TOL from the R framework.

Download and installation details are shown below: #Installation

R Packages

Currently there are three R-packages:

  • tolBasis: Contains the basis of TOL in R.
  • tolRlink: Links to TOL kernel via tolRlink.dll (or
  • tolKit: Kit of TOL utilities with an R-API.


tolBasis is the main package for using TOL from R. It is the basis on which TOL in R developments are supported.

There is not necessary a TOL software installation to be used.

It imports the fundamental definitions and utilities of the Time Oriented Language (TOL) such as: datings, time series, lag polynomials, etc.

For more information see: tolBasis.

tolRlink is the package responsible for connecting to the TOL kernel. This package links to TOL via the library tolRlink.dll (or

Therefore it requires an installation of TOL compatible (release 3.3 or posterior).

It contains methods for load and initialize TOL, evaluate TOL code, obtain TOL objects, send R objects to TOL, etc.

For more information see: tolRlink.


tolKit is a package with some TOL utilities adapted to be used in R as usual.

This package requires the previous packages: tolBasis and tolRlink.

Current version imports TOL funcionts: Estimate and CalcForecasting.

For more information see: tolKit.


There are different ways to install these developments:

  • as usual from CRAN repositories (currently only tolBasis is available),
  • downloading and installing the compiled packages (zip files for Windows),
  • downloading the source (tar.gz file) and compiling it locally.


The R-packages depend on other R-packages:

  • tolBasis depends on: lubridate and polynom:
  • tolRlink needs tolBasis and also depends on: base64enc:
  • tolKit only depends on: tolRlink

Installation from CRAN

The package tolBasis is already available at CRAN: tolBasis and can be installed as usual:


Installation from compiled packages (Windows)

The compiled packages for Windows (ZIP files) can be downloaded from:

To install them in R, can be use the option "install package(s) from local zip files..." from menu "Packages" or use R sentences as:

# change <filename> for the route of each zip file
install.packages(<filename>, repos=NULL)

Installation from source

The packages can be installed from source using

# change <package_url> for the url of each package
install.packages(<package_url>, repos=NULL, type="source")

The current urls of source files (tar.gz) are:

For other versions see directly the folder: svn:Rprojects

Downloading source

SVN can be used for download the developping source of these packages:

svn co c:/users/<user>/svn/tolp/Rprojects

Change the destination folder for your choice.

Remember that in order to compile tolRlink a compatible TOL installation is required.

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