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Firstly, you should download the installer and run it. See Download.

Then, if you want to take advantage of the TOL+R communication, follow the TOL+R installation instructions.

Otherwise, if you only want to safely use some estimation functionalities (as BSR) follow the additional installation instructions.

Note, that TOL+R instructions does already include the additional installation instructions described below.

Additional installation instructions

Some TOL packages (for example, BysInfDiag) uses R calls (by command line) to obtain some statistic information. For avoid errors when you use these packages we recommend:

Install R

Install the statistical software R. See

Add bin folder to the PATH (for Windows users)

For allow TOL to find R, you should ensure that the R 'bin' folder is in the environment variable PATH.

  • R 'bin folder:
    (version number may be different)

You can edit the environment variable PATH as usual.

Install some R-packages

Some of the mentioned TOL packages requires from some R-packages:

  1. quadprog : Functions to solve Quadratic Programming Problems.
  2. coda : Output analysis and diagnostics for MCMC.
  3. mcgibbsit : provides an implementation of Warnes & Raftery's MCGibbsit run-length diagnostic for a set of (not-necessarily independent) MCMC samplers
  4. slam : Sparse Lightweight Arrays and Matrices.
  5. Rglpk : solving large-scale linear programming (LP), mixed integer linear programming (MILP) and other related problems.

All them are available as CRAN standard package and can be installed from R-GUI application using the option "Install package" from menu "Package".

Otherwise, you also can run the following sentences in an R console:

install.packages("coda") # imports: lattice
install.packages("mcgibbsit") # depends: coda
install.packages("Rglpk") # depends: slam
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