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Besides a command line interpreter, TOL provides a GUI (Graphical User Interface) called TOLBase useful for evaluating TOL code, editing TOL files and managing full projects written in TOL.

For more details, see Software.

Development Release (TOL 3.4)

The current development TOL version is 3.4.

Main changes correspond to the TOLBase application. Some characteristics of the tcl/tk GUI are replaced in order to adapt to the latest versions. For more details, see what is new in TOL 3.4.

Download TOL for Windows

Platform Installer Notes
tol-gnu-v3.4-win64.exe New!
TOLBase for 64-bits included||

Latest Release (TOL 3.3)

The latest stable TOL version is 3.3.

It arises from the development version 3.2. From TOL.2 onwards, even minor versions are for development and odd ones for releases.

TOL 3.3 provides TOL+R compatibility and some efficiency enhancements. Also TOL 64-bits is available. For more details, see what is new in TOL 3.3.

Download TOL for Windows

Platform Installer Notes
tol-gnu-v3.3-win32.exe Recommended
tol-msvc-v3.3-win32.exe MSVC compiled.
TOL+R not compatible
tolsh-gnu-v3.3-win64.exe TOLBase not available.
See version 3.4

If you are looking for previous versions or releases see below.

See also the installation instructions in order to benefit from all the TOL possibilities.

Download TOL for Linux

The TOL installation for Linux is in three components:

  • tol-core: TOL Minimal installation. Includes the console applications: tolcon and tolsh. See: Software.
  • tol-gui: TOL Graphical User Interface. Includes tolbase. See: Software.
  • tol-headers: C/C++ headers for development purposes.

Debian-based files

The following .deb files were created and tested for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) for 64-bits.

TOL 3.4

Component Installer Notes
tol-core tol-3.4-ubuntu.14.04.x86_64-core.deb Mandatory
tol-gui tol-3.4-ubuntu.14.04.x86_64-gui.deb Recommended
tol-headers tol-3.4-ubuntu.14.04.x86_64-headers.deb Optional

TOL 3.3

Component Installer Notes
tol-core tol-3.3-ubuntu_14.04.amd64-core.deb Mandatory
tol-gui tol-3.3-ubuntu_14.04.amd64-gui.deb Recommended
tol-headers tol-3.3-ubuntu_14.04.amd64-headers.deb Optional

To install the previous .deb files and their dependencies, do:

sudo dpkg -i tol-3.3-ubuntu_14.04.amd64-core.deb
sudo dpkg -i tol-3.3-ubuntu_14.04.amd64-gui.deb
sudo dpkg -i tol-3.3-ubuntu_14.04.amd64-headers.deb
sudo apt-get -f install

To uninstall them and the dependencies, do:

sudo dpkg -r tol-headers
sudo dpkg -r tol-gui
sudo dpkg -r tol-core
sudo apt-get autoremove

RPM-based files

The following .rpm files were created and tested for Fedora 20 for 64-bits.

Component Installer Notes
tol-core tol-3.3-fc20.x86_64-core.rpm Mandatory
tol-gui tol-3.3-fc20.x86_64-gui.rpm Recommended
tol-headers tol-3.3-fc20.x86_64-headers.rpm Optional

To install the previous .rpm files, do:

yum --nogpgcheck localinstall tol-3.3-fc20.x86_64-core.rpm
yum --nogpgcheck localinstall tol-3.3-fc20.x86_64-gui.rpm
yum --nogpgcheck localinstall tol-3.3-fc20.x86_64-headers.rpm

Source Code

Source code is available to browse and download in the source section of this trac. It can be downloaded with SVN, see Subversion and TortoiseSVN.

For compiling instructions in Windows, see Compile with MinGW-32.

Other Versions & Releases

For previous versions and releases only Windows (32 bits) installers are available.

TOL for Windows (GNU GCC compiled)

With R compatibility.

Date releasedRelease name Description Download Other binaries
development TOL 3.2 Installer History

TOL for Windows (MSVC compiled)

Date released Release name Description Download Other binaries
development TOL 3.2 Installer History
2012-02-16 TOL 3.1What was new Installer History
development TOL 2.0.2 Installer History
2011-05-03 TOL 2.0.1What was new Installer History
2009-10-23 TOL 1.1.7.bridge What was new Installer
2009-02-25 TOL 1.1.7 What was new Installer History
2007-11-13 TOL 1.1.6What was newInstaller History
2007-02-22 TOL 1.1.5What was newInstaller History
2006-11-11 TOL 1.1.4What was newInstaller
2005-02-16 TOL 1.1.3What was newInstaller
2003-03-05 TOL 1.1.2What was newInstaller
2001-04-07 TOL 1.1.1What was newInstaller
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