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Welcome to TOL Project

What is TOL?

TOL is the Time Oriented Language.

It is a programming language dedicated to the world of statistics and focused on time series analysis and stochastic processes.

It is a declarative language based on two key features: simple syntactical rules and powerful set of extensible data types and functions.

TOL can be used from a small text console, but there is also a graphical interface to easily handle all language's tools and functions, providing powerful graphical capacities.

TOL is distributed under the GNU GPL license. A copy of this license is included within the TOL source code and can be accessed following this link.

TOL Software


TOL provides a GUI (Graphical User Interface) called TOLBase. It is useful for evaluating TOL code, editing TOL files and also manage full projects written in TOL.

TOL provides also a command line interpreter and libraries to develop applications integrated with VBA or R. The developer can also use the binding with other languages such as C++ and Tcl. For more details, see Software.

If you want to try it, visit Download.

You can learn TOL by reading the Manuals.

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